“Greetings reader. Take a look through the cinematograph with me and discover the dimension of imagination; within which are wonderful motion-pictures of fantasy, science-fiction and comedy. Enjoy.”



Hello traveler.

This blog is predominantly a film review site, with some television thrown in now and then, both new releases and old classics will be covered. I am not a trained film critic and I will not be reviewing every film released in cinemas – this blog is a platform for me to talk about the films and TV shows I love (and sometimes do not love). So unlike most reviewers I will have a bias towards sci-fi, fantasy, comedy, period pieces, indies, animated (especially stop-motion) and comic-book films. If you like any of these film genres or are interested in hearing about some lesser-known films then please do subscribe and enjoy. I will also have other content other than reviews, such as trailer reactions and bits about poster art or top-ten lists, that sort of thing. I intend to be quite light-hearted and generally positive and not being a proper critic I hope to write in quite a down-to-Earth and real way.



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